Our vision is the New Glaridis Sport, through the online store be a benchmark in the field of water sports such as windsurf, the kite surf, the wake board, the marine ski, the canoe-kayak, but at the same meets the needs of winter sports such as ski and snowboard.


1. Passion and Creativity.
Passion means to strive daily for the best, not because they should but because we want to.
Why our ‘fills’. With team spirit, positive energy and optimism, we set daily high goals for ourselves and our company.
With creative flair, vision and appetite find ways to achieve them.
2. Trust and Respect.
Every successful relationship is based on trust and respect. Honesty, consistency and accountability are values ​​that govern our interpersonal relationships and our relationship with the customer. We understand the needs of the person we are facing and we always respond seriously. The center of our interest is the customer. That’s why we constantly beside it, to provide expertise and full support for any product that interests and instructed him to make more accurate and informed choice.
Respecting and understanding the needs of consumers, aimed at ensuring product quality and prompt service makes not only during his visit to our store, but after completing the purchase, through specially designed support services.
3. Innovation
Innovation and continuous striving for the best Innovate thanks to our commitment to self-improvement, to always keep us in the continuing education of our staff and in our efforts to strengthen team spirit.
So confident and strong, taking initiatives for small everyday ‘victories’ in our competence.
Because every small victory is part of a larger we go forward.
Our vision is to provide the visitor with a number of new and unique experiences. So we give you the opportunity to test himself newest and innovative products and new services to attend a unique event or just to get creative free time.
At the same time, through continuous effort to improve and upgrade services, constantly evolving so any personal experience to be even better.



We will always protect your data, keeping it safe. To help you understand why we need them, below you will find how we use them.



We record data only to improve your experience.



We protect your data as if it were ours.



We always speak your language and support you. We are always ready to answer any question you may have.



You choose what you want to receive – and if you regret it, you tell us and we stop. We never ask you for sensitive personal data. These are yours, and they do not concern us.