RRD Twintip LTD V6 2018 (Freestyle)
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RRD Twintip LTD V6 2018 (Freestyle)

RRD Twintip LTD V6 2018 (Freestyle)
RRD Twintip LTD V6 2018 (Freestyle)
Κατασκευαστής: RRD RRD
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RRD Twintip LTD V6 2018 (Freestyle)
Διαθεσιμότητα: 5 - 7 Ημέρες
Τιμή: 2.200,00€ 1.190,00€
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 967,48€

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Our freestyle board line continues its path, every year we add new details to perfect it and make it more competitive.
Our goal is creating a product that is simple to use, but at the same time,
allows the riders to go beyond their level and perform the most possible radical moves.
The new TwinTip LTD V6, compared to the previous version, is more compact,
the position of the straps and of the mast box have been moved forward to improve the centrality.
The result is a much more agile board in all transitions and easier in doubles and triples moves.
We have added a new FIN,
the MFC GE G10 in 18 and 20cm sizes for better snaps and speed needed to fly higher in airmoves.
The TWINTIP V6 is a pure performance board range to support serious freestyle riders!

The shape has been shortened and has a much thicker profile to allow a more centered position
and to make it easier to be swung around during moves.
The rocker line is totally straight in the tail area, making the board quicker to plane.
A wider and ticker nose to help pivoting and to make it easy in all level of sliding manouvers.
The front straps inserts has been moved forward to enhance reactivity and control in doubles and triples.
A new 13mm pads thickness for better shock absorption and comfort.
New fin: MFC GE G10 in 18cm and 20 cm sizes.
91lt - Size: 223×60cm, Fin: MFC GE G10 18cm, Sail Range: 3.3-5.2, Weight: 6,3kgs.

101lt - Size: 222×63cm, Fin: MFC GE G10 20cm, Sail Range: 4.2-5.7, Weight: 6,5kgs


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